Honour Roll

In memory of those who fell


NumberRankNameCoyDate of DeathCause of Death
38094PtePeter J RobinsonB25 February 1966Acc Death (drowned)


NumberRankNameCoyDate of DeathCause of Death
14840CplR C (Danny) PatchA20 May 1966Died of Disease
215881PteLiam M (Len) O’CarrollC27 May 1966Acc Death (gun shot wound)
14982PteJohn W (Taffy) JonesA28 May 1966Killed in Action
311512PteVictor RichardsC20 June 1966Died of Wounds
342550CplPeter WestSPT02 July 1966Acc Death (falling tree)

SOUTH VIETNAM First Tour 1968 – 1969

NumberRankNameCoyDate of DeathCause of Death
43032PteMichael John WickmanV322 June 1968Killed in Action
5715206PteStuart John BarnettD27 June 1968Killed in Action
217350PtePatrick Shane O’ConnorC07 July 1968Killed in Action
2787512PteMichael MucC13 September 1968Killed in Action
2787793PteMichael James NoonanC13 September 1968Killed in Action
4718097LCplRobert BurnsC13 September 1968Killed in Action
42294PteBryan James PetersonW114 September 1968Killed in Action
6708915PteKevin Frederick BrewerD08 October 1968Killed in Action
55358PteKeith Charles ShawD08 October 1968Killed in Action
3791207PteJohn Richard TinkhamD20 October 1968Killed in Action
41383LCplDonald Imlay BensemannV316 November 1968Killed in Action
5715153PteChristopher William RoostC23 December 1968Killed in Action
43349PteKeith Richard HurmanW211 January 1969Killed in Action
1733037PteJoseph Steven RamsayD31 January 1969Killed in Action
2787716PteSamuel GrahamD31 January 1969Killed in Action
2786525PteRobert Alan ByrneSPT11 February 1969Died of Wounds
2787478PteRaymond Alfred McGuireB16 February 1969Killed in Action
1733375PteVictor Neils PetersenB16 February 1969Killed in Action
38077CplPeter DawsonD07 March 1969Killed in Action

SOUTH VIETNAM Second Tour 1971 – 1972

NumberRankNameCoyDate of DeathCause of Death
388811PteKenneth HardingV624 June 1971Died of Wounds
61560CplAlan C F (Tassie) WilkinsonD03 July 1971Died of Disease
5717657PteBernard Michael PengillyD30 July 1971Killed in Action
2796378PteMaxwell Lachlan RhodesD19 September 971Killed in Action
3799449PteJames DuffD21 September 1971Killed in Action
3798081PteRalph James NiblettD21 September 1971Killed in Action
5718195PteBrian Charles BeilkenD21 September 1971Killed in Action
56226PteKeith Kingston-PowlesD21 September 1971Killed in Action
5718122PteRoderick James SpriggD21 September 1971Killed in Action

AFGHANISTAN 2005 – 2008

NumberRankNameCoyDate of DeathCause of Death
8265028PteLuke Worsley4RAR (Cdo)23 November 2007Killed in Action
8240607LCplJason Marks4RAR (Cdo)27 April 2008Killed in Action
65432LtMichael Fussell4RAR (Cdo)27 November 2008Killed In Action

4th Battalion Royal Australian Regiment Association (inc.) Qld