Award recipients

In recognition of 4 RAR members & those members posted or attached to 4 RAR who have received awards for their service.

ADAMSJohn LeonardLance CorporalMilitary Medal
ANDERSONRoyPrivateMilitary Medal
BARLEY                       Brian CharlesLieutenantMilitary Cross
BRETTJames RolloCaptainMentioned In Dispatches
BROWN                      Wayne LawrenceCorporalMilitary Medal
BUNYANPhillip Edward JosephLieutenantCommendation for Distinguished Service
BURNS                        John LindsaySecond LieutenantMentioned In Dispatches
BYRNEKevin MichaelSecond LieutenantMentioned In Dispatches
CARROLLMichael RupertSergeantDistinguished Conduct Medal
CASSONKevin GeorgePrivateMID & Medal for Gallantry
CHADGary JohnSergeantMentioned In Dispatches
CRAWFORD               Michael CroomMajorMember of the Order of the British Empire
CURTISRodney GerardLieutenantMilitary Cross
DEIGHTONJohn Pericles ArthurMajorMilitary Cross
DODSON                              Maurice FrancisLieutenantMilitary Cross
FOSTERRichard JohnPrivateMentioned In Dispatches
GIBSONMalcolmCorporalDistinguished Conduct Medal
GILBERT                     Gregory VivianLieutenant Colonel (Retd) then CaptainDistinguished Service Medal
GREVILLELeon RodericLieutenant ColonelDistinguished Service Order
HALL                            Marshall JohnMajorMilitary Cross
HARDIE                       James RossStaff SergeantMentioned In Dispatches
HUGHESJames CurnowLieutenant ColonelDistinguished Service Order
JENKINDaryl KennethSergeantMentiond In Dispatches
KAHIKA                        WikiSapperMentioned In Dispatches
KEMPColin JohnPrivateMentioned In Dispatches
LEE                               Alec ManuCorporalCross of Gallantry with Bronze Star
LINDSAYBrian David ValentineMajorMentioned In Dispatches
MELROSEDouglasCorporalMentioned In Dispatches
McGHEEKeith JohnMajorMentioned In Dispatches
McKAYGary JohnSecond LieutenantMilitary Cross
McKENZIEDonald DavidCaptainMID & Distinguished Service Medal
McPARLANDNoel RobertSergeantMentioned In Dispatches
MILLERKenneth BruceCorporalMentioned In Dispatches
MONKS                        Brian Robert HamptonMajorCross of Gallantry with Silver Star
MORRISKevin CharlesWarrant Officer Class OneOrder of Australia
MORRISONMichael ChisholmMajorMentioned In Dispatches
O’KEEFELeslie GeorgeWarrant Officer Class TwoMentioned In Dispatches
O’SULLIVAN               Michael JohnCorporalMilitary Medal
PAREKURA                 TarrePrivateMentioned In Dispatches
RICHARDSONRobertWarrant Officer Class TwoMentioned In Dispatches
REIDYThomas GarySecond LieutenantMilitary Cross
REYNOLDSWilliam JohnMajorMilitary Cross
ROPETA (RANSFIELD) Arohanui LeonardLance CorporalDistinguished Conduct Medal
SANDFORD                  John GrantSergeantDistinguished Conduct Medal
SCOTTJohn Aitchison KennedySergeantDistinguished Conduct Medal
SHARP                         Peter KennethCaptainMentioned In Dispatches
SHEEDYPeter BrianSecond LieutenantMentioned In Dispatches
SINCLAIR                    Barrie DavidsonCaptainMentioned In Dispatches
SMETHURSTMarkLieutenant ColonelDistinguished Service Order
SMITHThomas WilliamWarrant Officer Class TwoMentioned In Dispatches
SONNEVELD               Michael JohnSecond LieutenantDistinguished Flying Cross
SULLIVANTerence RoydMajorMember of the Order of the British Empire
TAYLORJeremy HepworthMajorMilitary Cross
THOMSONDavid ScottLieutenant ColonelMilitary Cross & MID
TOGHILLAntonyWarrant Officer Class OneMember of the Order of the British Empire & MID
VERCOE                    WhakahuihuiChaplain Class ThreeMember of the Order of the British Empire
WARNESWilliam BruceSergeantBritish Empire Medal
WILLIAMS                    Lindsay GeorgeMajorMilitary Cross
Task Force 637  Meritorious Unit Citation
4 RAR (Cdo)  Unit Citation for Gallantry
Sergeant “A”  Star of Gallantry
WOODBrett MathewCorporalMedal for Gallantry

4th Battalion Royal Australian Regiment Association (inc.) Qld