Anzac Day March 2022

4 RAR Association ANZAC DAY 2022 Details

Assembly;  1030Hrs Expected step Off  1040Hrs

FUP:            AREA OF: George  & Charlotte St alongside commissariat store museum. ( Near Stephens Lane,) Look for the 4RAR banner.

Route:        Adelaide & Creek Streets.

Order Of March: RAR Assn QLD,

                              4RAR Assn QLD,  2nd Last Behind 3RAR.

I have asked Greg Shannon to lead the March As I will not be Marching.

AFTER  MARCH : Once completed  for refreshments move to The Port Office Hotel ( 40 Edwards St ) The green Rm upstairs.

For a limited time the committee will be running Beer, Wine, and Soft drinks only.

Noel Fairley


4th Battalion Royal Australian Regiment Association (inc.) Qld