Aims and Objectives

Mission: To perpetuate the close bonds of comradeship and esprit de corps created by past and present members of the Fourth Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment.

1. Assist the widows and children of deceased members of the Battalion.
a. Provide assistance at funerals
b. Provide eulogies for funeral services
c. Refer widows and children to relevant agencies

2. Assist the sick, wounded and needy of those who served the Battalion.
a. Provide hospital and home visits.

3. Provide a referral service to relevant advocacy, pension and welfare agencies.
b. Refer applicants to appropriate services.

4. Preserve the memory of those who died in service with the Battalion and who have subsequently died.
a. Insert relevant articles in the Association newsletter.
b. Conduct the 4RAR Honour Project.
c. Conduct the annual commemorative birthday service.

5. Foster and maintain the history of the Battalion.
a. Establish and maintain a common web site.
b. Insert relevant articles in the newsletter and on the web site.
c. Gain items for the 4RAR museum.

6. Maintain the Battalion’s memorials.
a. Establish the 4RAR memorial at the Australian War memorial.
b. Assist with the maintenance of the Royal Australian Regiment National Memorial Walk.

7. Protect the good name of the Battalion and preserve its interests in the community.
a. Provide a regular and informative newsletter.
b. Insert relevant articles in the newsletter and on the web site
c. Maintain contact and liaison with other 4RAR state associations.
d. Further the membership of 4RAR, 4RAR (Cdo) and 2/4RAR members.
e. Participate in ANZAC Day and other commemorative services.
f. Support the adoption of the Battalion by schools
g. Conduct the annual Nui Le Dinner.
h. Provide memorabilia and sundry items for sale.

8. Assist dependents of serving members of the Battalion where the Battalion cannot do so.
a. Notify and invite members and dependents of the Battalion to all Association social and commemorative activities.
b. Provide physical and moral support to the families of members of the battalion on operational or overseas service.

9. Maintain the financial viability of the Association.
a. Employ effective financial management procedures.
b. Manage the financial viability of the Association.
c. Apply for applicable and appropriate grants and sponsorship.


4th Battalion Royal Australian Regiment Association (inc.) Qld